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Aggressive Manhattan attorneys protect the rights and reputations of healthcare professionals and medical device manufacturers

As a professional in the medical field, an allegation of negligence could have devastating effects on the career you’ve spent so long pursuing. At Ekblom & Partners, LLP, we endeavor to provide clients in the New York City area with a strong legal defense against medical malpractice claims and defective medical device claims. Our team will thoroughly investigate the causes of action against you or your company by reviewing all evidence, conducting robust discovery and hiring field experts when necessary. Many matters can be settled outside of court, but if an agreement that is amenable to both parties cannot be reached, we stand ready to appear in court on your behalf.

Assertive team of New York attorneys provide zealous representation

Our law firm is devoted to representing civil defendants in personal injury cases involving:

  • Medical malpractice — Our firm serves defendants who are being sued for medical malpractice. Whether you are being accused of misdiagnosing a patient, prescribing the wrong medication or some other act of negligence, we will pursue all relevant evidence and strive to prove that you provided a standard of care that comports with reasonable industry expectations.
  • Defective medical devices — We are personal injury lawyers dedicated to defending businesses in products liability cases involving defective medical devices. We’ll seek a favorable settlement if that best serves the situation or, if necessary, fight for you in court.

If you’re being sued for medical malpractice or your business is involved in a defective device case, don’t wait another minute to seek representation. We are prepared to help you and will work to reach a favorable outcome.

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Ekblom & Partners, LLP is located on Third Avenue in Midtown Manhattan and serves businesses and medical professionals in cases involving products liability and malpractice claims. Call us at 646-759-7313 or contact us online to discuss your case.